About Me

Hey y’all! My name is Stephanie and I’m 24 years old. I’m originally from Alabama, now living in the sunny state of Florida. I’ve been watching Korean dramas and listening to Korean music for quite a while now (probably since around Big Bang debuted lol). About a year ago, I got into the ever so popular Korean beauty scene. I love learning about South Korean and its culture and am planning on taking my first trip there next year (still have some learning of the language to do). Anyways, I’ll be posting reviews of everything (or almost everything) I watch, listen to, use, or eat. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!


Fun Facts:

  1. I have lived in 5 different states in the past two years. I’m basically a certified box packer.
  2. I majored in chemical engineering during my time at the University of Alabama (Roll Tide!)
  3. I love food. Especially anything containing peanut butter…it’s my weakness. And spicy food! Which may be part of the reason for me loving Kimchi….and naming this blog after said food.
  4. I love animals. I rescued a dog from my local animal shelter in 2016 and he is the best thing to ever exist. His name is Dobby….which clearly tells you what my favorite book series is (Harry Potter for all you muggles out there).
  5. My favorite K-pop group changes between BTS and BigBang depending on the day J, and my favorite K-drama to date is Descendants of the Sun.
  6. My favorite color is maroon. My wardrobe is pretty much shades of red, black, and gray. I’m clearly a very colorful person.
  7. People assume I’m 18 years old until I tell them otherwise. I assume this will be a good thing when I’m 40 and hopefully still look much younger than my age.
  8. I love the beach. So much so that I finally moved to a beach in Florida (partly due to the fact I was offered a job here). Take me anywhere with sand and water, and I’ll be happy J
  9. My exercise typically involves learning new K-pop dance choreography. If you say that isn’t cardio, then you clearly have not seen BTS dance.
  10. I played violin in my college symphony and now play just for fun. I also play guitar, but singing was unfortunately a talent not given to me, so there goes my music career!