[K-DRAMA REVIEW] “Descendants of the Sun” Full Drama Review

Possibly one of, if not the most, widely known K-Drama is “Descendants of the Sun” starring the real-life couple, Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo (aka the Song-Song couple). I first watched this drama a little over a year ago, and it instantly became my #1 K-Drama I’ve ever watched. I wanted to write a review on it but since it’s been awhile, I thought it would be smart to re-watch it (not that I minded one bit).


~The Legendary Song-Song Couple

Even if you haven’t seen “Descendants of the Sun”, I’m sure you’ve heard of the Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo. They are the main leads in the drama with so much undeniable chemistry, it was no surprise when they announced they were dating in real life as well. Song Joong Ki plays the Bad A** Yoo Shi Jin, “Big Boss”, who is the captain of the special forces unit on a mission in Uruk. Song Hye Kyo is the smart and sassy doctor, Kang Mo Yeon, who is sent to lead a medical team in Uruk as punishment for turning down the hospital chairman.

Descendants Of The Sun K-Drama Review Song Joong Ki Song Hye Kyo

From the very first scene with Mo Yeon and Shi Jin, you knew they were meant for each other. Their acting (whether it was solo or together) was on point. Granted, the English-speaking scenes were pretty awkward, but that’s to be expected. Honestly, I thought they did really well with those anyways. Yoo Shi Jin and Kang Mo Yeon are my all-time favorite K-Drama couple, and I don’t think that’ll change anytime soon.

Descendants Of The Sun K-Drama Review Song Joong Ki Song Hye Kyo

Descendants Of The Sun K-Drama Review Song Joong Ki Song Hye Kyo

~The Secondary Couple

Seo Dae Young (Jin Goo), “Wolf”, is a stone-faced Sergeant Major whom is best friends with Yoo Shi Jin and is never seen to be good enough by Lieutenant General Yoon. Yoon Myeong Joo (Kim Ji Won) is the daughter of the General and an army medical doctor. She was rivals with Kang Mo Yeon during school, but by the end, they become good friends.

Descendants Of The Sun K-Drama Review Song Joong Ki Song Hye Kyo

I have never liked a secondary couple as much as Yoon Myeong Joo and Seo Dae Young. Honestly, I liked them just as much as the main couple. There was never a doubt from the first episode that the characters loved each other, even though they were staying apart due to her father’s objections. Their reuniting in the end was probably more hyped up and emotional than the main couple. I think their relationship is really well received and liked due to it being a bit more realistic.

Descendants Of The Sun K-Drama Review Song Joong Ki Song Hye Kyo

Their acting was amazing as well, especially when compared to that of secondary characters in other dramas. The only thing I would change is being able to see Seo Dae Young’s funny side more often. His scene in the last episode dancing to Red Velvet’s “Dumb Dumb” was hysterical, and it would’ve been great to see more of that. As far as Myeong Joo goes, I just really want to see Kim Ji Won in more dramas, especially after loving her in “Fight For My Way” as well.

~The Setting

Uruk is a fictional place created by writers Kim Eun Sook and Kim Won Suk. It is a country full of disease, war, and tension, yet has beautiful scenery throughout. The thought and imagination that went into creating this fictional country is amazing and part of the appeal. The writers are to credit for that and developing the country’s citizens, their “language”, and the town culture. They filmed the Uruk scenes in Greece, so whenever I travel there, the filming areas are a must visit.

Descendants Of The Sun K-Drama Review Song Joong Ki Song Hye Kyo

~The Hospital Staff & Special Forces Unit

Possibly one of the strongest supporting casts, the special forces unit that works with Shi Jin and Dae Young and the hospital staff working with Mo Yeon made the drama. Especially the character of Kim Ki Bum (Kim Min Suk, whose career took off after this drama). Each character had their own unique personality and developed backstory that filled the story with some very comedic moments.

Descendants Of The Sun K-Drama Review Song Joong Ki Song Hye Kyo

~The Original Soundtrack

Besides “Goblin”, “Descendants of the Sun” has one of the most known and popular soundtracks. These songs made the scenes more emotional and I still listen to them often now. “Always” by Yoon Mi Rae, “Everytime” by Chen ft. Punch, “You Are My Everything” by Gummy, and “Talk Love” by K.Will are my personal favorites and played throughout the entire show.

~The Story Line

If I ever recommend a K-Drama to a K-Drama newbie, I always suggest “Descendants of the Sun”. It’s so original without any of the other typical story lines (e.g. robots, girl pretending to be a guy, childhood friends reunite later in life). I have yet to hear of another show like this one. The characters are like no other, and there’s something for everyone. There’s action, romance, comedy, and drama to satisfy anyone’s taste.


NONE. There was nothing I just absolutely didn’t like about “Descendants of the Sun”. While some elements of the show were a little easy to guess, I still enjoyed every second of it. And, in a drama world filled with romance in almost every show, I’ve never seen such great chemistry between not just one but both of the main couples. Do yourself a favor, and watch this action packed, romance filled, occasionally funny drama.

Overall Rating: 10/10




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