Top 10 Male K-Pop Group Rappers

Last week I counted down my Top 10 Male K-Pop Group Rappers here. So now it’s time for the women. As the second edition of Top 10 K-Pop Group Rappers, I’ve rounded my Top 10 Female K-Pop Group Rappers.

10. Moonbyul – MAMAMOO

MAMAMOO hasn’t really been around long enough for the members to do a ton of solo promotions. However, Moonbyul has easily made a name for herself. She stands out in her group which even though is only made of 4 people, is very hard to do nowadays with so many groups and members.

9. Jiyoon – 4Minute

4Minute was hitting it big when I first started listening to K-Pop. Jiyoon always stood out in the group to me with her personality and ever-changing hairstyle/color.

8. Miryo – Brown Eyed Girls

Brown Eyed Girls was another popular group during the same time as 4Minute. Miryo created such a name for herself that she appeared as a producer on “Show Me The Money” and was the only female judge and mentored well-known rapper Cheetah. She’s also made a great songwriting career.

7. Min – Miss A

While Suzy, Jia, and Fei have all had solo projects (shows and tracks) after Miss A’s disbandment, Min has yet to really release anything. She always reminded me of Minzy of 2NE1 due to her dancing and rapping. Her spunky-ness and attitude always made her standout and I wish she’d release some new music!

6. Jennie – BLACKPINK

While BLACKPINK is the newest group out of this list with the fewest releases, they have made quite the name for themselves. Jennie has been a trainee with YG for many years, and had experience working with G-Dragon and Lee Hi. Her voice is always noticeable as she not only sings but also raps.


The other BLACKPINK member known for their rapping skills is Lisa. Personally, I think she’s a better rapper than Jennie because she has that slight edge/roughness to her voice.

4. Hyuna – Wonder Girls/4Minute

You had to know that Hyuna would make this list. She originally became known as a member of the Wonder Girls until she left to join 4Minute. During her time with 4Minute, she also promoted solo singles, but it was after their disbandment, was when Hyuna really hit it big as a solo rapper. Her two 2017 songs, “Babe” and “Lip & Hip” were instant hits.

3. Amber – F(x)

How can anyone not love Amber? She can literally do it all, and seems like one of the nicest people around. She has a deeper rap voice than the others on this list, but really shocked people when she released music with her singing which was just as amazing. F(x) hasn’t done much over the past couple years, but Amber stays busy with writing and performing solo music, collaborating with other artists (Superfruit, Eric Nam, Shannon), and connecting with fans through her social media.

2. LE – EXID

Before EXID, LE made a name for herself as an underground rapper. Not only known for rapping, she has many songwriting credits as well for artists such as Hyuna, K.Will, Huh Gak, etc. Her toughness comes across in her persona and rapping and I believe that’s what makes her the “whole package” as a rapper.

1. CL – 2NE1

If it’s something YG does well, it’s knowing and training great rappers. CL is not only known in Korea but also in the US. In 2009 when 2NE1 debuted, CL was instantly recognized as a one of a kind rapper. She has such a distinct voice and edge that you can’t help but notice her. CL even caught the attention of Black Eyed Peas and has stood in for Fergie in performances. She’s now even acting in a Hollywood movie. What can she not do?!


Who is your top pick for female K-Pop group rappers?




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