Top 10 Male K-Pop Group Rappers

Each member in a K-Pop Group has a “title” such as Vocalist, Dancer, Rapper, Face of the Group, etc. Personally, I’m always more intrigued with the rap verses (besides the dancing) than other parts of the song. So I’ve gathered up my Top 10 Male K-Pop Group Rappers. This was a really tough list to compose, especially choosing #1. Remember, these are only rappers that are from K-Pop groups (a solo artist list will be posted in the future!) Let me know who your favorite rapper is in the comments!

10. I.M. – MONSTA X

I remember the very first time I was intrigued by MONSTA X’s music was I.M.’s rap verse in “Hero”. Anytime a group has a strong rapper, I’m instantly a fan (and luckily MONSTA X has two of them). I.M. recently released his first official solo song, “Fly With Me”, and MV and released a collaboration with Jooheon last year (one of my favorite songs by them).

9. Mino – WINNER

So, this was really tough to put WINNER’s Mino at #9 (if I could rank all these guys at #1 I would). He was the runner-up on popular variety program “Show Me The Money 4”. He released many singles through the program and collaborated with artists such as Zico and Taeyang. One of his most well-known songs is probably “Okey Dokey” featuring Zico. But beware, it will be stuck in your head forever.

8. RM – BTS

You knew this list was going to include BTS members. With arguably the strongest rap line of any K-Pop group, you couldn’t have a list without the leader himself, RM. His verse in “Look Here” where he basically speed raps is what first stood out to me. And then he released his own mix-tape. He even featured on a recent single from Fall Out Boy. Needless to say, he’s an in demand rapper with good reason.

7. Bobby – iKON

Another YG signed artist that competed on “Show Me The Money” makes the list. In my opinion, Bobby has a very distinguishing rap voice and style that makes him stand out from others. His solo album last year is still one of my favorite album releases ever. He not only can rap but dance and sing as well and even won his season of “Show Me The Money”.


6. J-Hope – BTS

And another BTS member makes the list. How can anyone not love J-Hope. He’s arguably one of the best dancers in K-Pop right now, and a great rapper too. He released his very first mix-tape two weeks ago with great reviews and ranking on countless music charts. “Airplane” is still on repeat and the MV aesthetic is A+.

5. Jooheon – MONSTA X

Complimenting I.M. is MONSTA X’s Jooheon. His rapping is like none other. He adds little quirks to all of his rap verses that lets you know exactly who it is rapping. He also has one of the more huskier rap voices right now. I just wish he would release more solo songs!

4. Zico – Block B

You knew Zico had to be on this list. He has created quite the name and brand for himself. He debuted with the group Block B in 2011 and has escalated since. You will see him featured on countless tracks by artists of all genres. He’s appeared as a producer on “Show Me The Money”, and is known for his “crew” called “Fanxychild” that collaborate on songs together (other members are DEAN, Crush, Millic).

3. T.O.P. – BigBang

No K-Pop rapper list would be complete without the most stand-out voice of BigBang’s T.O.P. I still haven’t come across a rapper that has such a deep/husky voice and charisma that he has. Honestly, I cannot wait for him to return from his military service so we can have some new music from him. I’ll be here impatiently waiting.

2. Suga – BTS

Yes, I had to include every single rapper in BTS. No Shame. Suga’s song writing and lyrics are what put him over the top. Everything he does, he does with passion and meaning. And you can tell that through every single one of his solo songs and group verses he writes. He continually impresses people and isn’t afraid to be himself and address very important issues.

1. G-Dragon – BigBang

This should come as no surprise, but G-Dragon is my #1 (as I’m sure he is for many, many others). I’m convinced there is literally no one like G-Dragon. He’s an icon in every way and never disappoints. Unfortunately, we now have to go 2 years without anything from (brb…going to cry). But, at least we have numerous songs and videos to hold us over until his return from military duty.


  1. martha

    March 28, 2018 at 1:52 am

    Thank you for this! So many wonderful rappers. I’m with you on number one. G-dragon is hard to beat. TOP is a close second for me. <3

    1. kimchikorner

      March 28, 2018 at 8:07 am

      I know right?! G-Dragon is just great at everything he does. I had a hard time deciding between Suga and TOP too, so I definitely get how he’s a close second 🙂

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