[K-DRAMA REVIEW] “Just Between Lovers” Full Drama Review

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“Just Between Lovers” starred Lee Joon Ho (Junho of 2PM) and Won Jin Ah as two people who experienced a very unfortunate accident as kids and crossed paths later in life. Junho plays Lee Gang Doo, an aspiring soccer player until a building collapse causes a life changing injury. Won Jin Ah is our heroine, Ha Moon Soo, whom also lived through the same building collapse that inspired her to become an architect.

Ha Moon Soo:

Ha Moon Soo and her sister, Ha Yeon Soo, were at a mall grand opening as Yeon Soo was a child actress/model. Moon Soo slipped away from her sister (even though she was told not to) to meet a guy for a date. That’s when the building started to collapse, ultimately, killing Yeon Soo and trapping Moon Soo until rescue. “Just Between Lovers” focuses on her character later in life (late 20s I believe) as she is an architect and helps her alcoholic mom run a bath house. I really loved the Moon Soo. She blames herself for her sister’s death, but lives to try to make things right. Hence, she takes a job as an architect at the mall collapse site with a new building project.

"Just Between Lovers" Drama Review Gang Doo Junho and Moon Soo Won Jin Ah

Moon Soo’s perseverance for the things she believes in such as her love and care for Gang Doo and making the victim’s memorial perfect made her a very special character. She faced so much adversity, yet, she was so giving and thoughtful for everyone around her. Won Jin Ah made her drama debut with “Just Between Lovers”, and I’m already anticipating her next drama. The emotion she delivered with each scene, especially towards the end when there was even more tragedy, went further than the TV screen.

Lee Gang Doo:

Lee Gang Doo is more of the “outsider/bad boy” type of guy that just lives day by day thinking he has no purpose or reason. He was at the mall opening with his father (who was a construction worker at the site and was killed) and part of the building crushed his leg, ending his professional soccer dreams. He spends his time doing odd jobs for money and getting in fights. It’s clear he doesn’t care anything at all about himself, physically or emotionally. But, the way he cares for others in his life, is what made me love Gang Doo.

"Just Between Lovers" Drama Review Gang Doo Junho and Moon Soo Won Jin Ah

Gang Doo constantly spends his time and money looking out for “Grandma”, Ma-Ri, Lee Jae Young (his younger sister), Moon Soo, and Sang Man. His relationship with each of those characters is special in each way. Junho absolutely nailed his performance as a “bad boy”. I even fell for him within the first few minutes of the show. I’ve been a fan of Junho as a performer with 2PM, but I am now a fan of his acting skills as well!

The Relationships

The relationship between Lee Gang Doo and Ha Moon Soo started long before they even realized (at least for Moon Soo). Moon Soo doesn’t have any recollection as to what happened when the mall collapsed. However, Gang Doo remembers her and everything that happened. He is quick to recognize who she is and her past early on in the show. Their dynamic, back and forth relationship is possibly one of my favorites in any drama recently. The relationship between the two was a bit more realistic and believable than many of the “cute and fluffy” ones seen in many popular romance K-dramas. It helps that Junho and Won Jin Ah had amazing chemistry as well. Each look and smile they gave each other showed just how deeply they cared for one another.

"Just Between Lovers" Drama Review Gang Doo Junho and Moon Soo Won Jin Ah

The other highlight about “Just Between Lovers” was the relationship between Gang Doo and who he called “Grandma” (played by Na Moon Hee). Gang Doo first met her soon after the tragedy and needed money for hospital bills. “Grandma” recognized his need and honesty and decided to give him a chance to repay the money (which he did). Through this deal they really became more like family. Gang Doo was always helping out at her store and encouraging her to be more healthy. She was always looking out for him too trying to set him up a good future. The episodes of “Grandma’s” sickness and death were very emotional to watch because of Gang Doo’s attachment to her. However, the pair’s family bond made me love this show even more.

"Just Between Lovers" Drama Review Gang Doo Junho and Moon Soo Won Jin Ah Na Moon Hee

The Story Line and Plot

I personally thoroughly enjoy the more “melodrama” shows such as “Just Between Lovers.” It somewhat reminded me of the drama “I Miss You”. When characters separate as kids to only cross paths again later in life, has always been a trope I gravitate towards. And, this drama was no different. I enjoyed every minute of it. The only part I have indifferent feelings towards is the ending few episodes of Gang Doo’s sickness/almost death. I feel like there could have been other ways of dealing with the ending for this show rather than have the main character almost die right after “Grandma’s” death. However, it did show off the actor’s expansive capabilities, so I wasn’t too upset over this plot element.

The ending was picturesque. All loose ends were tied up nicely, and the ending shot gave me goosebumps. It was a beautiful backdrop!! I really want to know where it’s located so I can see the view for myself one day.

"Just Between Lovers" Drama Review Gang Doo Junho and Moon Soo Won Jin Ah



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