[K-DRAMA REVIEW] “I’m Not A Robot” Full Series Review

“I’m Not a Robot” centers around Kim Min Kyu (Yoo Seung Ho) who lives a lonely life due to his allergy to physical human contact falling in love with what he thinks is robot Aji 3, but really is Jo Ji A (Chae Soo Bin).

Main Leads:

Kim Min Kyu I'm Not A Robot Yoo Seung Ho

I'm Not A Robot Kdrama

Kim Min Kyu lives an isolated life only venturing out when needed with gloves and a baton. When he has physical human contact, he breaks out all over his body to the point he can’t breathe. Once he meets “robot” Aji 3, he trusts her and allows her into his home. Yoo Seung Ho’s acting completely blew me away. You could see how much pain he was in during his allergic reactions, feel his loneliness and betrayal (I only cried once LOL), and be happy with him when he falls in love.

Chae Soo Bin Jo Ji A Aji 3 I'm Not A Robot

Next, we have Chae Soo Bin portraying both robot Aji 3 and Jo Ji A. When in need for money, Ji A agrees to act as robot Aji 3 in Min Kyu’s home while Aji 3 is being repaired. Jo Ji A’s true passion is inventing which we see a theme of during the drama. Throughout the show, I was honestly trying to figure out how Min Kyu was buying her act (definitely not robot material!). But, this was actually a funny point towards the end of the series. Chae Soo Bin did a wonderful job portraying dual roles, and I’m now going to have to watch her previous dramas. She nailed Jo Ji A’s determined, powerful attitude while also being cute and funny as Aji 3.

I'm Not A Robot KDrama

I'm Not A Robot KDrama

Jo Ji A and Kim Min Kyu make one of the most adorable couples, and I love their chemistry together. Their cuteness is undeniable and every scene was special between the two. I particularly liked their more comedic scenes because their smiles were so infectious.

I'm Not A Robot Hong Baek-Gyun Uhm Ki-Joon

Uhm Ki Joon, our second male lead, played Jo Ji A’s ex-boyfriend and scientist Hong Baek Gyun. Hong Baek Gyun was somewhat of the stereotypical scientists in the beginning when it came to social skills. After Ji A ended their relationship, he invented Aji 3 to look identical to her (which honestly, was a bit weird). Throughout the show, he tries to figure out what he did wrong in their relationship, which leads him to becoming a more compassionate person. My favorite part about his character though was his relationship and friendship with Min Kyu. In the beginning, they were rivals, but by the end, they were really great friends.

I'm Not A Robot Kdrama Min Kyu and Baek Gyun

Supporting Cast:

What really set this drama apart for me was the entire cast of supporting characters. Usually, there is only a couple I like in a drama and can do without the others. However, I loved the Santa Maria team and Ji A’s best friend Sun Hye just as much as the leads. Pai (Park Se Wan), Hoktal (Song jae Ryong), and Ssanip (Kim Min Kyu) made up the Santa Maria team. The passion they had for their jobs and loyalty to Baek Gyun was evident from episode one. Sun Hye (Lee Min Ji) owned a small coffee shop and was best friends with Ji A and later on with Hoktal and Ssanip. Her attitude and optimism made me wish I had her as a best friend.

I'm Not A Robot KDrama

I'm Not A Robot KDrama

Story Line and Ending:

I’ve never watched a K-Drama based on a robot as a main character, but I absolutely loved this story line. It had plenty of comedic elements along with the mental human allergy aspect, Ji A’s passion for inventing, and company related drama. The ending was also a sweet reunion ending with Min Kyu returning from his military service to greet Ji A. The reunion was reminiscent of their first kiss which added that lovely touch.

I'm Not  A Robot KDrama Kim Min Kyu Jo Ji A


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