[K-DRAMA REVIEW] “Jugglers” Full Series Review

“Jugglers” stars Baek Jin Hee as a loyal, hard-working secretary and Daniel Choi as an uptight, anti-social manager of the Video department of a large corporation. Yoon-Yi (Baek Jin Hee) is known as a “juggler” because of all the tasks secretaries have to handle for their boss. She is fired by her boss and has to transfer departments to become the new secretary for Nam Chi Won (Daniel Choi) who does not want her there. “Jugglers” tells the story of corporate life as well as their personal relationship when Chi Won rents a room in Jin Hee’s house.

The Lead Characters:

I’ll start with our heroine Jwa Yoon Yi. Overall, I did like her, but I kept finding myself feeling just kind of “meh” with the character. She didn’t do anything to make me dislike her, but also nothing to really make me love her either. I did like how she was always there for her three best friends when they needed her though. I admired Yoon Yi’s loyalty and determination with her career even when everything was going terrible for her. And, her relationship with Chi Won was very cute, so overall, a likable character.

"Jugglers" K-Drama Baek Jin Hee

In the beginning, I didn’t think I was going to like Nam Chi Won, but that quickly changed. I hadn’t ever watched Daniel Choi in a drama before, so I didn’t really know what to expect from him. His character is why I stuck around for the drama. The change in his personality as he starts to develop feelings for Yoon Yi was really adorable. When his character starts smiling more because of her, you can’t help but love him. Before admitting his feelings, he acted like a little kid and was mean to her so she wouldn’t know. But after telling Yoon Yi how he really feels, he was the perfect boyfriend to and for her.

Daniel Choi "Jugglers" K-Drama Review

"Jugglers" K-Drama Review Daniel Choi

The Secondary Leads:

Next, we have Yoon Yi’s three best friends: Wang Jung Ae (Kang Hye Jung), Ma Bo Na (Cha Joo Young), and Park Kyung Rye (Jung Hye In). Ma Bo Na is a seasoned “juggler” just like Yoon Yi, but has the unfortunate task of being Jo Sang Moo’s (In Gyo Jin) secretary who spends the show trying to take down Chi Won and Yoon Yi. You’re made to really dislike Bo Na based on her ruthless actions for work success even if it means sabotaging a friendship. However, later on you see she has to be this way to give her dad a better life. In the end, she becomes a character you really like.

"Jugglers" K-Drama Review Bo Na

Jung Ae pretends to be her sister in order to get a job as Hwangbo Yool’s secretary. I loved seeing how her self-confidence grew throughout the show. Also, the dynamic between Jung Ae and Hwangbo was very cute. Park Kyung Rye was actually one of the more interesting characters (personality wise), in my opinion. Unfortunately, we never really learned too much about her and felt like she was more of a “filler character”. If there was one thing I’d change about this show, it’d be to have a story line for Kyung Rye.

"Jugglers" K-Drama Review Kyung Rye

Finally, our other main male lead is Hwangbo Yool (Lee Won Geun). I absolutely loved his caring and fun personality. He comes across as someone who doesn’t care about his work, but he’s actually very intelligent and has many things he wants to accomplish. And look at his smile…you can’t help but like him.

"Jugglers" K-Drama Review Hwangbol

"Jugglers" K-Drama Review Hwangbol

The Story Line and Relationships:

While not the most original plot in K-Drama land, it’s still one of those classic romantic comedies. Plus, I’m a sucker for a romance between two people who go from disliking each other to being in love. I also really like that they didn’t drag out Chi Won admitting his feelings until the very end. We got plenty of episodes of their budding romance and Chi Won opening up to Yoon Yi. Their cute and funny relationship was by far the highlight of this show. The comedy In Gyo Jin brought to his character was a great element. His facial expressions alone were laughable. Also, Jung Young Joo (Yoon Yi’s first boss’ wife) had a funny personality and attitude that made her appearances enjoyable.

"Jugglers" K-Drama Review

"Jugglers" K-Drama Review

The plot between Hwangbo and Jung Ae was nice in the fact they both inspired confidence in each other. Hwangbo recognized Jung Ae as a person that deserves more than what she gets credit for, while Jung Ae encourages Hwangbo to go for his dreams even if others disapprove.

"Jugglers" K-Drama Review

We see Yoon Yi and Bo Na go from friends, competitors, rivals, and return to best friends by the end. I don’t like seeing best friends try to destroy the other’s reputation for personal gain, but I’m happy the writers had them reconnect and forgive each other. Yoon Yi’s and Jung Ae’s friendship is the type I love to see in dramas. They were always there for each other when the other needed it, and Yoon Yi put herself on the line by covering up Jung Ae’s true identity.

"Jugglers" K-Drama Review

"Jugglers" K-Drama Review

One aspect I didn’t really see the end point of was the “jugglers” meeting on the rooftop. I get it was mostly for a cameo appearance by Choi Yeo Jin, but it was really only for one or two episodes and that part of the story line died. Choi Yeo Jin was the CEO’s secretary (hence, all “jugglers'” leader) and had them compete for the Best Boss Award which wasn’t the main point of the story. It was a weird “plot twist” that could have been left out.

"Jugglers" K-Drama Review


The ending had a well tied together, conclusive ending which is always good in my book. Too many times have I been crying at the end of a show LOL. Yoon Yi and Chi Won’s relationship is solidified and Bo Na visits a “new Sang Moo” in jail. I’m still questioning Hwangbo and Jung Ae’s relationship but it was happy enough for satisfaction. A pretty basic ending all around, but it tied up all loose string.

"Jugglers" K-Drama Review

Overall Score: 7/10


Have you watched “Jugglers”? What are your thoughts? Will you be adding it to your watch list?







  1. Kay

    January 29, 2018 at 2:22 pm

    Lovely review 🙂 Sounds like a cute romantic comedy. I’ve got it on my list, but I’m still a little wary since I haven’t been much of a fan of Daniel Choi in the past. But it’s definitely a drama I hope to give a go sometime 🙂

    1. kimchikorner

      February 1, 2018 at 1:20 pm

      I’ve never seen Daniel Choi in a drama before so I have any comparisons, but I enjoyed him in this drama! Would be a good drama to try during a dry spell 🙂

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