Friday Favorites: Week 6 of All K-Pop and Drama Favorites

It was a busy week in the K-Pop world which meant my playlists finally got a much-needed update! Read on for this week’s Friday Favorites in K-Pop and K-Dramas.

1. “Muse” by Woodie Gochild feat. Jay Park and Sik-K (H1GHER MUSIC)

Nine times out of ten whenever AOMG or H1GHER Music (both by Jay Park) release anything, it will be an instant favorite. “Muse” is a great R&B track with features from Jay Park and Sik-K that really made the song. Watch the MV teaser below or listen to the track here.

2. GIRLKIND Debuts With Single “FANCI”

With the K-Pop girl groups being over-saturated with “cutesy” themes (in my opinion), I was really excited about Girlkind’s more hip-hop concept. While I’m not the biggest fan of the song “FANCI” in general, their dancing is super impressive! I watched the live version as well, and they were just as great. I can’t wait to see their future releases!

3. Park Shin Hye Considers Lead Role in New Drama

Park Shin Hye has been in my top 3 favorite actors ever since “You’re Beautiful” days. It’s been 2 years since she has had a lead role in a K-Drama, and when news came out of her considering a new role, you better believed I was happy! Not much is known about the drama yet, except for it is about a man and woman who have painful pasts and want to move on with their lives. Kang Eun Kyung is said to be the writer for the show who has most recently penned “Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim”, “What Happens To My Family?”, and “Gu Family Book”. I’m really hoping she accepts this role and is paired up with another great actor.

4. Jay Park Releases “Run It” feat. Jessi & Woo Won Jae

Like I said with the first one, it’s Jay Park. Of course, I am going to like this song. It’s a hard-hitting rap song and I hope there are more Jay Park/Jessi collabs in the future!

5. Sunmi Makes a Comeback with Single “Heroine”

While I liked Sunmi’s last single “Gashina”, “Heroine” is more my type of song. I really like the chorus and the MV is interesting as well. It was really well done and the aesthetics (especially at the end of the video) were perfect for this song.

6. Suzy to Release 2nd Mini-Album, “Faces of Love”, on January 22nd

Everything about this mini-album I’m so ready for. The concept, MV teaser, and pre-release photos are basically perfect. Her title track will be “In Love With Someone Else” and the teaser (shown below) is making me very impatient for the whole video.

Suzy Faces of Love Mini Album JYP Entertainment

7. Jang Na Ra Reviewing Role for K-Drama “Dog, Witch, and Me”

It was said this week that Jang Na Ra (“Go Back Couple”) is reviewing the script for the lead role in “Dog, Witch, and Me”. If accepted, she would play the role of a blind, stuck-up lady that tells the story of her journey with her dog and the veterinarian. It sounds like an interesting and fun drama that I would definitely be willing to check out (especially depending on who they cast for the veterinarian).

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