Friday Favorites: Week 5 of All K-Pop and Drama Favorites

1. “Jugglers”

I decided to start watching “Jugglers” last week when I was caught up on all episodes of “I’m Not A Robot” and “Just Between Lovers”. Honestly, I didn’t expect to really like the show due to the plot being somewhat weak and overdone. However, I’m actually really enjoying “Jugglers”! I think the dynamic between Daniel Choi’s and Baek Jin-Hee’s characters is really cute and humorous. There aren’t many episodes left, but I’m very interested to see how everything is wrapped up.

KDrama Jugglers Daniel Choi

2. Taeyang Releases “Louder” for the PyeongChang Winter Olympics

Is there a Taeyang song out there that isn’t catchy?? First, I’m super excited about the upcoming Winter Olympics. And for them to be hosted in Korea with many K-Pop stars performing, it’s even better! “Louder” has more of an up-beat, rock vibe to it than the hip-hop sound you typically hear from Taeyang. This song will definitely be on repeat in the coming weeks. Listen to it Here!

3. Block B Releases “Don’t Leave”

We all know Block B are masters in the groovy, rap genre of music which is why I really enjoyed this change of pace. “Don’t Leave” is a mood-ier, slower song that really shows off each of the member’s talents. Not to mention, this MV is absolutely beautiful. The scenery, aesthetic, and wardrobe is perfection.

4. Wooyoung Pre-Mini Album Release “Going Going”

Wooyoung will soon be releasing his next solo mini album, but prefaced it with a track and MV for “Going Going”. It’s a fun song that’s making me wish for Spring and Summer to hurry up!

5. LONG:D Collaborates with Weki Meki’s Kim Doyeon for Track “All Night”

I liked Weki Meki’s debut track, and honestly, Kim Doyeon is the only member I know of in the group. When it was announced, I didn’t think I’d like this song but I was very wrong! The EDM feel of the chorus reminds me a little of The Chainsmokers vibe (which I love). LONG:D’s and Kim Doyeon’s voices go really well together too! Perfect song for a drive.

6. New K-Drama “Are You Human Too?” Teaser

So you probably know if you’re a regular reader, that I’m loving the drama “I’m Not A Robot”. So when “Are You Human Too?” was announced as another robot/droid romance drama, I was pretty skeptical that the two shows would be too similar. However, a couple teasers have been released for “Are You Human Too?” and it looks amazing. There seems to be more of a darker/intense theme than “I’m Not A Robot”‘s cute romantic comedy. I’ve been gravitating more towards the melodrama side of things lately, so this upcoming drama will definitely be a must watch.

“Are You Human Too?” stars Seo Kang Joon and Kong Seung Yeon, and will premiere in the Spring on KBS2.

7. iKON’s Comeback Date Set for January 25th

YG Entertainment is my favorite Big 3 entertainment company by far. I’ve been waiting (somewhat impatiently) for iKON’s comeback, and it’s finally here! And to make matters even better, it will be a full album titled “Return”. The first teaser has been released, and the concept they’re showing is my style so I’m pumped for this comeback!

iKON Comeback Full Album Return YG Entertainment

8. May 2018 K-Drama, “About Time”, Casts Lee Sang Yoon and Lee Sung Kyung

First off, the plot of “About Time” is really intriguing! It’s about a woman who can “see” the how long others will live. But, she then meets a man who can stop time for her and romance/love ensues. The drama sounds more on the intense side of things with the whole “being able to see when others die” concept. When Lee Sung Kyung was announced as the leading actress, I grew more interested in this drama as I loved her performance in “Weightlifting Fairy”. I don’t know too much about Lee Sang Yoon, but they look and seem like they will be a very interesting and great pairing!

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