[TOP 10] Korean Drama OST Songs from 2017

One of the best things about Korean dramas is the soundtracks (OSTs) that accompany them. Without the music, the drama filled scenes wouldn’t be what they are. Here are my Top 10 Picks for Korean Drama OST songs in 2017 (in no particular order):

1. “Aurora” by Savina & Drones feat. Kim Kyung Hee — Just Between Lovers OST

While I just started watching “Just Between Lovers” (more on that in a post for Friday), the track “Aurora” immediately caught my attention. Savina & Drones have a very dreamy/airy quality to their voice which is perfect for this drama.

2. “Stay With Me” by Chanyeol (EXO) feat. Punch — Goblin OST

So two unpopular opinions: I couldn’t ever get into Goblin…maybe I’ll try it again one day. I prefer Chanyeol’s OST track to Crush’s “Beautiful.” Chanyeol’s and Punch’s voices go really well together, and ultimately, this is just a beautiful song even if it wasn’t for “Goblin”.

3. “You’re My Garden” by Jung Eun Ji (Apink) — Strong Woman Do Bong Soon OST

Apink typically has a girly/cutesy image and sound, so I was really surprised to hear the mature vocal range of Eun Ji’s voice for this song. “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” was one of my favorite dramas watched this year, and “You’re My Garden” definitely worked well with the more serious scenes in the show.

4. “Sing My Song” by Goo Keun Byul — Revolutionary Love OST

I think I’ve talked about how much I loved “Sing My Song” in two previous posts already, so I’ll spare you this time.

5. “It’s You” by Henry — While You Were Sleeping OST

I’ve been a fan of Henry’s since Super Junior-M days, and “It’s You” is no different. How more perfect of a song is there for “While You Were Sleeping”??

6. “You Are My Baby” by B1A4 — The Package OST

“The Package” was a fun-filled drama that needed a more upbeat signature OST song and that they got with B1A4’s “You Are My Baby”.

7. “Before the Sunset” by Eric Nam — Mad Dog OST

I have yet to watch a single episode of “Mad Dog”, but I somehow came across this song on Spotify and fell in love with it.

8. “I’ll Pick You” by Standing Egg — Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo OST

Most Korean OST songs are emotional ballads, but “I’ll Pick You” is a sweet, acoustic song that you can’t help buy sway to.

9. “I Love You Boy” by Suzy — While You Were Sleeping OST

With the news of Miss A’s official disbandment, we will most likely hear more solo singles from Suzy. She is such a talented singer (actress too) with a big voice, and love this song she was able to record for her drama “While You Were Sleeping.”

10. “Am I In Love?” by Vromance feat. O Broject — Strong Woman Do Bong Soon OST

Another more up-beat OST song, “Am I In Love” was a cute song perfect for the cute main couple in “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.”

11. “Dream” by Kim Min Jae feat. Younha — The Best Hit OST

Another drama I haven’t seen just yet (it’s next on my list!), included a rap song which I found really different and refreshing. I came across this song on YouTube and knowing this song is on the OST is making me even more anxious to start watching “The Best Hit.”


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