[K-Drama Review] “Revolutionary Love” Starring Choi Siwon Full Review

Choi Siwon returned from military service with tvN’s “Revolutionary Love” (변혁의 사랑) starring as our lead man, Byun Hyuk. “Revolutionary Love” is about a rich heir meeting a part-time worker who inspires him to be a responsible adult fighting for what he believes in. I’ll go ahead and say it…this drama was somewhat of a let down.

The Main Characters:

Ever since Siwon’s role in “She Was Pretty”, I’ve been impatiently waiting for his next drama. So, you can imagine that when news hit that he will have a lead in a drama, I was instantly adding it to my calendar. While I enjoyed Siwon’s acting in “Revolutionary Love”, I never really became a huge fan of Byun Hyuk. Siwon nailed his comedic side once again (the man can do A+ comedy), and I loved the sweet side of his character. But, the majority of the show was Byun Hyuk acting like an immature teenager. The first few episodes he acted a little dumb, but it was clear later on he isn’t at all. He’s a very smart guy with a huge heart that wants the good for everyone he cares about.

Revolutionary Love Kdrama Siwon

Revolutionary Love Kdrama Siwon

Enter the spirited, confident leading lady Baek Joon (played by Kang So-Ra). I absolutely loved Kang So-Ra in this drama and think she brought that “something special” to her character that kept me wanting to watch this show. Baek Joon is not afraid to fight what she believes in, even if it means losing what she has (job, money, etc). And, she inspired Byun Hyuk’s to take responsibility and leadership at his father’s company. I honestly don’t have a single negative opinion on Baek Joon.

Revolutionary Love Kdrama Kang Sora

Revolutionary Love Kdrama Kang So Ra

Finally, we have Gong Myung as Kwon Je-Hoon, the pessimistic friend who hides his feelings for Baek Joon really well for most of the show. Je-Hoon seems to criticize and look down upon Joon’s opinions and her choices in her life. But, we find out it was all him trying to take all responsibility and keep her out of the situations at the company that would cause problems for her. It is extremely rare when I prefer the second male lead in these types of stories. However, I was really rooting for him over Hyuk.

Overall, I thought all three actors’ talent and character portrayal were amazing. They nailed the comedy, drama, and serious scenes perfectly. For me, it was more of the writing and plot of the drama that was a bit lack-luster.

The Plot:

I felt like it was a never-ending circle of: Joon wants to change this, Hyuk is going to do it for her so she loves him back, Je-Hoon saves the day behind the scenes and ends up with nothing. I’ll admit I was ridiculously close to quitting this drama around episode 4. While Hyuk was quite annoying, he did grow into someone by the end of the show that I honestly liked. I appreciate the growth his character did have to show he was smart and capable of achieving what he sets his mind to.

Revolutionary Love Kdrama Siwon Kang So Ra

Revolutionary Love Kdrama Gong Myung Kang So Ra

As far as Je-Hoon goes, I wanted a little more vulnerability and personality from him earlier on. But, by the end he opened up so much and started smiling (happy is such a good look on him!) He still fit into the second lead stereotype by being the selfless one at the end and stepping aside.

The Ending:

Eh…it was okay? I wasn’t unhappy with it, but I wasn’t thrilled either. Joon decided to go travel and couldn’t face Hyuk to tell him herself. While led Je-Hoon to be the good guy, and tell Hyuk exactly which plane she’d be on. We see them flying away while Je-Hoon watches the plane overhead with his slight smile. I wanted a better ending for him and maybe a little more conclusive ending for Hyuk and Joon. But, overall, I can’t complain. It’s better than ending a drama in tears (which has happened one too many times!)

Revolutionary Love Kdrama Siwon Kang SoRa

Revolutionary Love Kdrama Gong myung

The OST:

I had to do a quick shout out to the music in this drama. The OST was really on point in my opinion. Each song went really well with each circumstance and scene, and brought that extra dimension to the show. My favorites had to be “Sing My Song” by Goo Keun-Byul and “Go Ready Go” by Dawon.


Have you watched “Revolutionary Love”? What did you think about it?



  1. Kay

    December 19, 2017 at 1:40 pm

    Looks like we rated this drama about the same and had similar thoughts 🙂 I certainly liked all of the actors and thought they did well. There were also moments of humor and drama that were well done. But the plot was circular and lacking overall which left me pretty bored a lot of the time. And poor Je Hoon was such a defeated character! Gong Myung has too sweet of a smile not to get to show it, lol. So yeah, kind of an average drama overall.

    1. kimchikorner

      December 19, 2017 at 9:55 pm

      Couldn’t agree more! I really hope Gong Myung will get another chance to show a more care-free side in “You Who Forgot Poetry”. 🙂

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