K-Drama “The Package” Full Series Review

“The Package” was a drama I only gave a chance to because Jung Yong-Hwa (CNBLUE) was the lead male and it was set in Paris. However, my expectations were far exceeded.

The Main Leads:

I have never watched a Korean drama where there were so many characters’ stories we learned about. We first have the main couple, Lee Yeon Hee as Yoon So-So and Jung Yong-Hwa as San Ma-Roo. So-So is the tour guide living in France that has the task of handling this group of tourists. She’s a bit mysterious and cynical at the beginning but Ma-Roo’s optimism and quirky-ness brings out the best in her. I think Ma-Roo may be my favorite Yong-Hwa character. Ma-Roo is very accident prone but so quirky and lovable at the same time. Yeon-Hee and Yong-Hwa had amazing on-screen chemistry which made for such a cute couple to root for.

The package Ma-Roo and So So Kdrama

JTBC The Package Korean Drama San Ma Roo

The Young Couple:

Next, we have Choi Woo-Sik as Kim Gyung-Jae and Ha Shi-Eun as Han So-Ran. Gyung-Jae is a young man trying to make his business successful so he can start a life with his girlfriend, So-Ran. So-Ran is talented at her job,and loves to spend money especially on clothing (I can relate to the clothes part!). Their relationship seemed to be going in circles the majority of the show with him stressing about money and her wanting more attention from him. I felt they weren’t as dimensional as the other characters, but I did still like them. Honestly, I like So-Ran’s friendship with Han Book-Ja more.

the package korean drama review

The Life-Long Couple:

Which brings us to the older couple, Jeong Gyu-Su as Oh Gab-Soo and Lee Ji-Hyun as Han Book-Ja. They’ve been married for many years and run a small inn/bed & breakfast together. Book-Ja was recently diagnosed with cancer, so she views this trip as a bucket list type of vacation. Gab-Soo is a very grumpy man who snaps at the smallest things that inconvenience him. He spends his time trying to ignore the fact that his wife is sick which I believe is what causes him to act the way he does. He’s scared and doesn’t want to lose Book-Ja, but doesn’t know how to face reality and deal with everything.

The Father-Daughter Duo:

Finally, the mysterious pair on the trip, Ryu Seung-Soo as Jung Yeon-Sung and Park Yoo-Na as Na Hyun. The other members in the tour group constantly speculate the relationship these two have which turn out to be father and daughter. Yeon-Sung is a very devoted and goofy father who will do anything to please his daughter. Ever since her mother died, Na-Hyun has lashed out and been what you would call a “stereotypical teenager”. But we see, by the end, she’s growing up and maturing to accept her father’s new fiance.

the package kdrama review

JTBC the package

I thought these characters were so well-developed for the most part especially in the 12 episodes this drama had to tell their story. I loved that by the end, everyone was so invested in each other and became friends who still got together to catch up after returning home to Korea.

The Drama Setting:

“The Package” delivered on the scenery/visual aspect (no pun intended LOL) just as expected. Beautiful aerial shots of the sights and locations visited filled each episode to where you could visualize actually being there. It was a nice change of pace for a Korean drama to be set in a completely different country and continent.

JTBC The package Opening Scene

The Ending:

While I didn’t hate the ending, I also didn’t love it. I enjoyed seeing how they clearly made lifelong friendships and still hung out/communicated with each other, but it was always without So-So as she was still in France. The show ended with So-So bumping into Ma-Roo at the airport on her way back to Korea (Ma-Roo was in France hoping to see her). They didn’t have any lines spoken to each other when they met, so I felt like it was a somewhat of an abrupt ending. I would have liked to see her reunion with her family. But, it wasn’t a sad ending so I can’t complain too much!

the package kdrama review


I highly recommend “The Package” if you’re looking for an overall good, well-written, thought out drama. It’s different from the typical romance comedy, and only 12 episodes, so easy to binge over a lazy weekend!

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  1. Kay

    December 15, 2017 at 1:47 pm

    Well, you know I really loved this drama too! Interesting and well developed characters, thoughtful stories, beautiful scenery and cinematography. Just so much to enjoy. And they really did accomplish a lot in just 12 episodes and it felt like such a full, complete, and warm story 🙂

  2. Pearl

    January 2, 2018 at 10:35 am

    I love this drama, beautifully written, awesome cinematography and all the characters in the drama had their own interesting stories. Of course San Maroo was a hoot and yet he was also a sensitive man, a multi dimensional character which Yong Hwa brought to life.

    1. kimchikorner

      January 2, 2018 at 8:40 pm

      I’m glad you loved this drama as much as I did! I agree…it was some of Yong Hwa’s best acting and character in a drama!

  3. Anne

    June 18, 2018 at 4:39 am

    where can i watch this series?

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