“Temperature Of Love” K-Drama Full Review

SBS drama, “Temperature of Love”, concludes after 40 episodes

“Temperature of Love” was one of those dramas that I feel most people either loved or hated. Before the premiere, the writing was heavily questioned due to the previous shows writer Ha Myung-Hee have worked on (“Doctors” and “High Society”). When this show first premiered, I instantly fell in love with the two leads.

Temperature of Love

Main Leads:

Seo Hyun-Jin plays determined, hard-working Lee Hyun-Soo that starts off as an aspiring drama writer. Yang Se-Jong plays the calm and level-headed On Jung-Sun studying and practicing to become a chef. The first couple episodes show the back story of these two characters and how they first come to meet through a running group.

Temperature Of Love Kdrama

I immediately fell for character On Jung-Sun. He is a very straight-forward, honest person that is not afraid to say what he wants and how he feels. I find that really refreshing in Korean dramas for the main leads especially in the first episode of a series. By the end of the first episode, we all know that he’s interested in dating Hyun-Soo. However, Hyun-Jin is quite a bit more resistant. She’s 5 (or 6?) years older than Jung-Sun and very focused on winning a writing contest for her career. She ends up following her head rather than her heart and chooses to let him go even though she has completely fallen for him.

Temperature Of Love Kdrama

Then, we’re pushed 5 years later when their paths cross once again. The speed of this drama somewhat took me by surprise, but it worked out really well. To see how they ended up in their careers and the changes they’ve gone through as people was really interesting. The chemistry between Seo Hyun-Jin and Yang Se-Jong was undeniable and made this drama special.

Secondary Characters:

The fact Kim Jae-Wook was starring in “Temperature of Love” pretty much solidified me watching it, but I still wish he was the lead for once! Anyways, I have a love/hate relationship with his character, CEO Park Jung-Woo. He’s pretty much a Debbie-downer the entire show because Hyun-Soo doesn’t love him back, however he never really fights for her. It’s more like he’s fighting Jung-Sun for being with her. He does her favors in the entertainment industry and helps out her family. But, he never makes his real feelings known until it’s too late. Alas, I still loved the way Kim Jae-Wook portrayed the character. He’s a great actor and am still waiting on his lead rom-com drama role.

Temperature Of Love KdramaTemperature Of Love Kdrama

Next, we have Jo Bo-Ah as Ji Hong-Ah. This is one character I never liked, not even a little bit. I sincerely tried to give her many chances, especially towards the end of the series, but I just couldn’t. She was a terrible “friend” to everyone, rude, and acted immature when she didn’t get her way (which she thought she deserved everything she wanted).

Temperature Of Love Kdrama

Now, the two characters I absolutely loved and wish we saw more of were Lee Hyun-Yi (played by Gil Eun-Hye) and Kim Joon-Ha (played by Ji Il-Joo). Hyun-Yi is the real best friend of Hyun-Soo, and Joon-Ha is a director that hangs around because of his crush on Hyun-Yi. Their dynamic is absolutely adorable, and I think there should have been more of a story around them.

Temperature Of Love Kdrama

The one other dynamic we had that ended in disappointment for me was between Choi Won-Joon (actor Sim Hee-Seop) and Lim Soo-Jung (actress Chae So-Young). Soo-Jung was tired of the way Hong-Ah treated Won-Joon, and finally stuck up for him and claimed that she liked him. You could tell the entire time she truly cared about him, but Won-Joon was too blinded by Hong-Ah to really give her a chance. I feel like Won-Joon and Soo-Jung both deserved better and more conclusive endings.

Temperature Of Love Kdrama

Final Thoughts:

Overall, “Temperature of Love” started out extremely strong for me. It was the first drama I had to watch each week. However, by the last ten or so episodes, I was struggling to stay interested. I honestly didn’t mind the writing in the show “Doctors”, but it was not a strong point in this drama. The last episodes were basically a repeating circle of Jung-Woo having to deal with losing the girl. The piece that made me keep watching though was the chemistry between the two main leads. It truly was what kept the drama alive in my opinion. I also wish we got to know the chefs at Good Soup (Jung-Sun’s restaurant). We never knew any of their back stories or who they were.

"Temperature of Love" Kdrama


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  1. Kay

    December 8, 2017 at 2:01 pm

    I haven’t watched this yet. Initially, I was really excited for it, but then heard a lot about it being slow and complaints about the writing. I still plan to check it out, it just moved further down on my list. Nice review 🙂

    1. kimchikorner

      December 8, 2017 at 10:54 pm

      Yeah, I’d definitely recommend giving it a try at least. But, it does get slow and monotonous towards the ending. Thank you!! 😀

  2. Jc

    December 25, 2017 at 9:15 pm

    I watch it twice..Love the main lead and their overloaded chemistry. No denial they are the best couple…don’t know where people lose interest half way..I am old enough to fall in love again

    1. kimchikorner

      December 27, 2017 at 2:37 pm

      I totally agree about them being one of the best couples. Their chemistry was great…kinda hoping they’ll work together again in the future!

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