“The Code” – MONSTA X Mini-Album Review

MONSTA X recently made a comeback and released their new mini-album, “The Code” with the title track being “DRAMARAMA.”


The title track kicks off this album with a great beat and a fun MV to match. They always impress me with their choreography with each comeback, and I just really love this song. The chorus is super catchy, and you’ll find yourself singing it throughout the day I promise. Check out their video below:

2. “Now or Never”

“Now or Never” is a song that is just my style. It starts off with a hard-hitting rap from I.M. and doesn’t let up throughout the song. Each verse is just as good as the last making this one of my favorites on the album.

Monsta X The Code Mini Album

3. “In Time”

“In Time” is a slower tempo, smooth R&B song, and the only track that could be considered more of a ballad. MONSTA X is not a group I really go to for these type of songs just because of their image and previous concepts. However, this track makes me wish they had at least one more slower song on the album.

Monsta X The Code Mini Album

4. “From Zero”

This is more of the typical K-pop song with simple verses and a speedier chorus. While they all sound amazing, as always, on the track, it comes across to me as more of a filler song. I enjoy “From Zero”, but it isn’t the highlight on the album.

Monsta X The Code Mini Album

5. “X”

Now “X” is more my speed. I absolutely love the intro. It’s high-tempo, catchy, and different than the others on the album. I will definitely be adding “X” to my gym playlist and jamming out to it in the car.

Monsta X The Code Mini Album

6. “Tropical Night”

From the title, I assumed “Tropical Night” would be a dreamy, beachy track similar to “Newton”. But, I was wrong. While it has a more chill vibe, they still put their EDM edge during the chorus. I.M.’s verse would have to be my favorite, and I love the background word additions throughout the chorus as well.

Monsta X The Code Mini Album

7. “Deja Vu”

“Deja Vu” is a good conclusion track to the mini-album. It starts out with a darker beat/sound and has their signature sound and concept throughout. It isn’t in my top 3 songs on the album, but still a great listen.

Monsta X The Code Mini Album


Overall, I highly recommend you listen to “THE CODE”. It will liven up any playlist and keep you impatient for even more music from MONSTA X.

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