On My Radar: Upcoming November Korean Dramas

I can’t believe it’s already November. Where has 2017 gone?? Anyways, October was quite a busy month with new drama premieres. And, I may have picked up one too many LOL. It’s been quite difficult to keep up with all of them. However, some will be ending soon, so I can add a couple more! Here are the November dramas that should be on your radar to check out:

1. “Hate To Love You” 미워도 사랑해 – November 13th on KBS1

INFINITE’s Lee Sung-Yeol and Pyo Ye-Jin star in this new drama. Pyo Ye-Jin plays Gil Eun-Zo whom grows to be a very successful woman but ends up losing it all and must start over and find her way in life. Opposite of Ye-Jin, Sung-Yeol plays a man by the name of Hong Seok-Pyo who is mysteriously working as a security guard.

There still isn’t much released about this drama, so I’m undecided right now. “Hate To Love You” will also be 120 episodes, and I have never watched a show even close to that length. However, I really like the two leads and are curious about the way their character’s lives intertwine.

Hate To Love You KBS Kdrama Hate To Love You KBS Kdrama

2. “I’m Not A Robot” 로봇이 아니야 – November 8th on MBC

This 16 episode romantic comedy stars Yoo Seung-Ho as Kim Min-Kyu, a man that is so allergic to people that he has never had any relationships. Kim Min-Kyu then meets Jo Ji-A (played by Chae Soo-Bin) whom is a woman pretending to be a robot.

I think this drama can go either way for me. Really good or really, really bad. So far, it looks promising though with the set pictures that have been released. Chae Soo-Bin looks really convincing as a very “doll-like” robot in the pictures below. And, then there’s Yoo Seung-Ho who has never not impressed me with his drama acting. “I’m Not A Robot” will also be directed by Jung Dae-Yoon who directed “She Was Pretty” and “W: Two Worlds” (which were great in my opinion), so my expectations are set pretty high.

KDrama I'm Not A RobotKDrama I'm Not A Robot
3. “Nothing To Lose” 이판사판 – November 22nd on SBS

“Nothing To Lose” stars Park Eun-Bin as straight-forward Judge Lee Jung-Joo who has a tendency to lose her temper at times, while Yeon Woo-Jin plays upstanding and highly respected Judge Sa Ui-Hyun. The story follows Lee Jung-Joo who starts investigating the murder of her brother and must work with Judge Sa Ui-Hyun.

4. Doubtful Victory 의문의 일승 – November 27th on SBS

“Doubtful Victory” is another drama that’s really catching my interest. Yoon Gyun-Sang portrays a man named Oh Il-Seung, a detective with a mysterious and somewhat shady background. Jung Hye-Sung plays a smart and competitive police officer, Jin Jin-Young, that becomes involved with Oh Il-Seung when investigating her father’s murder.

Doubtful Victory SBS Kdrama


5. “Money Flower” 돈꽃 – November 11th on MBC

Kang Pil-Joo (played by Jang Hyuk) is an intelligent and hard-working legal team director that grew up in unfortunate circumstances. Na Mo-Hyun (played by Park Se-Young) is a high-spirited science teacher and activist who dreams of love. “Money Flower” is the story of these two very different characters and the people involved in their lives.

6. “Meloholic” 멜로홀릭 – November 6th on OCN

“Meloholic” is at the top of my list for the month of November. TVXQ/DBSK’s Yunho is returning to the small screen for the first time after his military enlistment as Yoo Eun-Ho, a man that can read people’s minds by touch. His path crosses with Han Ye-Ri (portrayed by Kyung Soo-Jin) who has dual opposite personalities, but has a rare tendency to always say what she’s really thinking.

“Meloholic” is at the top of my list this month. From the synopsis, I can tell this drama will be full of funny and cute moments especially with these two actors headlining.

Meloholic November Kdrama

7. Two Cops 투깝스 – November on MBC

Cho Jung-Seok and Girl’s Day Hyeri will star as the two main leads in this upcoming supernatural romance MBC drama. Cha Dong-Tak (Cho Jung-Seok) is an upstanding detective who’s body becomes inhabited by a con-artist, and also, ends up falling in love with Reporter Song  Ji-An (Hyeri). “Two Cops” also stars INFINITE’s Hoya and Lee Si-Un as supporting roles.

Kdrama MBC Two Cops Hyeri


Which upcoming November drama are you most excited to check out?



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