K-Pop November Comebacks Part 1: Get Your Playlist Ready

We are a few days from November, but we already have many comebacks to look forward to just in the first couple weeks! With releases from Block B, SEVENTEEN, and MONSTA X, to name a few, our K-pop playlists are going to need an update. Here’s a round-up of the Album and Single releases from November 1st to November 14th:

Full and Mini-Album Releases:


1. ASTRO – “Dream Part.02” / November 1st

ASTRO only debuted last year, but they continue to impress. I’m excited to see what route they go with in this mini-album.

Astro Dream Part.2 Mini Album Kpop

2. SEVENTEEN – “TEEN, AGE” / November 6th

I wrote about SEVENTEEN’s comeback in a previous blog post here. I’m here for this concept and super excited we get a full album.

Seventeen Teen,age Full Album Kpop

Seventeen Teen,age tracklist kpop

3. Super Junior – “PLAY” / November 6th

With members being in the military over the past few years, Super Junior is finally back with their first album since 2015. Based on these teaser photos, we will not be disappointed! Love the contrast of black/white and light/airy pictures.

Super Junior Play Teaser Kpop Super Junior Play Teaser Kpop

4. MONSTA X – “The Code” / November 7th

I also have written about MONSTA X’s comeback on the blog already. They’re still releasing individual photos, but I can’t wait until we get the highlight medley.

monsta x the code kpop

5. EXID – “Full Moon” / November 7th

I recently have started listening to EXID’s music more and more, so I’m pretty happy they’re finally coming back (and with all members!).

Exid Kpop Full Moon Album

6. Block B / November 7th

Another “can’t wait” album for me this month! I can always count on Block B to deliver some crazy great rap verses.

block b mini album kpop block b mini album kpop

7. Gugudan – “Chococo” / November 8th

I’m personally not a huge fan of Gugudan, but I like the concept they’re going with. I just typically don’t like the over-the-top cutesy songs and performances.

gugudan chococo comeback kpop

9. VICTON / November 9th

VICTON is another relatively new group making their comeback this November, and I’m hoping they’re another group I can add to my ever-growing K-pop playlist.

Victon Comeback Kpop

10. Wanna One – “1-1=0” / November 13th

Wanna One. I’m pretty sure everyone knows about them (even though I never did watch Produce 101). Many people are anticipating their repackaged album comeback.

Wanna One Repackage Album Kpop

11. Lovelyz – “Fall in Lovelyz” / November 14th

Lovelyz debuted back in 2014, but I’ve never really listened to their music. You can check out their  comeback teaser at the link below:




1. VAV – “She’s Mine” / November 2nd

This teaser is interesting, so I’m definitely looking forward to this music video release.

Vav she's mine kpop comeback single

2. 10cm, Chen (EXO) – “Bye Babe” / November 3rd

I don’t see how this duet can possibly be disappointing. You have Chen and 10cm, enough said.

10cm Exo chen duet bye babe single kpop

3. DAY6 – “Every DAY6 November” / November 6th

Not much has been released for DAY6’s November song, but they haven’t disappointed me yet with a release, so this won’t be any different.

4. Sonamoo – “Happy Box Part.2” / November 6th

I also haven’t listened to Sonamoo, so I don’t know much about them, but this teaser group photo is really pretty! It’s kinda making me wish it was an album rather than just a single.

Sonamoo Happy Box Kpop Single Comeback

Who’s comeback are you looking forward to the most? Let me know in the comments below!

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