K-Pop Halloween Edition: Top 10 MV’s To Get You In The Spirit

K-pop groups are known for having new and innovative concepts with every comeback. One that we see occasionally is the dark/mysterious concept that fits perfectly for this time of year with Halloween being next week. What better way to get in the spooky spirit than by watching these top 10 favorite K-pop Halloween videos:

1. VIXX – “VooDoo Doll” /  저주인형

No Halloween list would be complete without at least one video from VIXX. They arguably do this concept the best. “Voo Doo Doll” is pretty creepy/scary from their makeup and costumes to the setting/scenery and choreography.

2. EXO – “Monster”

The chorus starts with, “I’m creeping in you heart babe,” and they’re calling themselves Monsters, LOL. And can we talk about Baekhyun’s weird lip ring? Outfits and accessories on point for this video.

3. Dreamcatcher – “Chase Me” and “Good Night”

I absolutely love Dreamcatcher’s horror-rock theme. It’s so different and unique, especially for girl groups. These two videos went together and were equal parts horror (even complete with a creepy music box tune), so I had to include both. If you haven’t, I highly recommend checking out their music.

4. Big Bang – “Monster”

Oh Big Bang….I don’t think there is a concept they can’t pull off. Especially G-Dragon. He can do anything. While they never went full horror/dark theme, they did release this one, and it is definitely worthy to be on this list.


5. Taemin – “Move”

So the main reason I’m including “Move” is because it’s giving me major Michael Jackson “Thriller” vibes. The music has a darker edge to it that matches really well with his smooth vocals and choreography.

6. BTOB – “Thriller” /  스릴러

Speaking of “Thriller”, BTOB also has a song of the same title. And, any video that opens with a cob-web filled cemetery should be included.

7. Miss A – “Touch”

While the song itself may not be all that “scary”, the MV for “Touch” has the supernatural vibe to it. The video is filled with black, white, and red with the setting in an older looking Victorian-esque mansion.

8. VIXX – “Hyde”

Yes, I had to add another VIXX MV to this list because I couldn’t pick just one. Skulls, melted candles, and creepy crawlies adorn this video (and lots of eye liner) making it perfect for any Halloween playlist.

9. G-Dragon – “Coup D’etat”

Like I said before, G-Dragon is the king of mastering any hairstyle, costume, concept, etc. And, “Coup D’etat” is no different.

10. BTS – “Blood, Sweat, and Tears”

I had to save the best for last, of course! I could write so much about how aesthetically awesome this video is, but I’m sure most have already seen it multiple times. Whenever I watch this video, I think of vampires, and the edgy/dark concept BTS presented was perfect.

What are K-Pop MVs and songs do you have on your Halloween playlist? Let me know in the comments…I’d love more suggestions!

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