“Knights of the Sun” – SF9 Mini-Album Review

SF9 (FNC Entertainment) made their comeback this past week with their 3rd mini-album, “Knights of the Sun”, featuring six new songs. I’ve never really listened to SF9 before and have seen maybe one of their videos. However, the concept and teasers released prior intrigued me to give this album a chance. And, I’m so glad I did! Listen to each song below and keep reading for the stand-outs.

1. 詩; 00:00

The album starts with birds chirping and one of the members talking, and then, transitions to a smooth R&B intro. I really like the feel of this song, and think it fits really well as the Intro. With recent  K-pop mini-album releases, I’ve wished the intro to be a full length song because I end up really loving it. And, this one is no different.

2. O Sole Mio / 오솔레미오

I am probably going to be the minority here, but I have mixed feelings about “O Sole Mio.” It could just be due to me not being a huge fan of the Latin music vibe (with any song). But, the title track doesn’t really seem to fit with the rest of the songs on the album. I really love the verses in the track, but the chorus just doesn’t do it for me.

However, the music video is perfection! I can appreciate this song just for the visuals and choreography. The scenery is so beautiful, and you can tell just how talented these guys are through their super sharp choreography. Watch for yourself below:

3. Let’s Hang Out / 나랑 놀자

This is more of a classic K-pop dance, happy song. But, it definitely doesn’t disappoint. Any song that makes me want to get up and dance have my stamp of approval (not that means anything LOL).

Knights of the Sun SF9 Teaser, O Sole Mio

4. Blank. / 빈칸

“Blank.” is the only song on the album more on the slower/ballad side. While, not totally a ballad, it makes me curious of what all SF9 can do. The rap verses fit effortlessly into this track as well which I’m always a fan of. I’d love to hear more slower R&B songs from them in the future.

5. Scold / 불호령

Easily one of my favorites on this album. It is so dang catchy! “Scold” shows off more of the group’s rap skills. I really hope they come out with a video or dance for this one because it’d be fire! This is the one I keep going back to replay all the time. I’m even dancing in my seat at a coffee shop while listening and writing this post (hopefully no one is paying attention to me).

SF9 Knights of the Sun, O sole mio

6. Just On My Way / 웬 감성팔이야

“Just On My Way” is my other favorite. It has a different feel than that of other K-pop songs out right now. The chorus somewhat reminds me of an 80’s pop vibe (which I love) and that’s what makes this song such a hit to me. Also, would not be mad about them releasing a video for this song too. It’s a happy/sun-shining song that’d make for a pretty and colorful video in my opinion.

Knights of the Sun Tracklist SF9 Kpop

So, I’m clearly now a big fan of SF9’s music. Have you been a fan of SF9 for a while? What do you think about their new mini-album? Any past songs you would recommend for me to check out?


  1. Kay

    October 20, 2017 at 10:51 pm

    This is also my first time really checking out SF9. I’ve been a fan of Chani in the drama supporting roles I’ve seen him and was curious to actually hear some of his group’s music. I absolutely love O Sole Mio! So catchy and I love the concept, choreography, and video. I also like Just On My Way because of its 80s vibe. Have you listened to Move by Taemin? It also has a very 80s sound and the way Taemin dances reminds me of some Michael Jackson style moves. It’s pretty unique for kpop and definitely isn’t for everybody, but I love it!

    1. kimchikorner

      October 21, 2017 at 4:16 pm

      I thought the exact same thing when I heard Move by Taemin! I immediately thought about Michael Jackson. I wasn’t sure about his album at first but after listening to it a couple times I love it too! It’s definitely different than other releases out there. I also really like the song Thirsty. He performed it on one of the music shows and the choreography was awesome for that one too!

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