To Watch or Not: “While You Were Sleeping” Episodes 1-8 Review

SBS’s new drama, “While You Were Sleeping”, stars Bae Suzy and Lee Jong-Suk as two people who’s lives intertwine after discovering they both can see events that happen in the future through their dreams. Lee Jong-Suk plays the cute, slightly awkward prosecutor known as Jung Jae-Chan; while, Suzy is the outgoing, fearless woman named Nam Hong-Joo. Keep reading for reasons to watch…or not!

1. Girl-Next-Door Nam Hong-Joo

I should admit I have never seen Suzy act in a drama prior to “While You Were Sleeping.” Honestly, I was nervous about this show because of everything I had read about hesitations towards her acting ability. After watching the first 8 episodes (30 minutes each), I believe she is doing Nam Hong-Joo justice!

I love how quirky and smart Nam Hong-Joo is, and she does not care what other people think about her. 

I, for one, definitely could not stand at a bus stop rehearsing what I say to the man I like while bystanders laugh.

Hong-Joo is really straightforward (for the most part) with her feelings towards Jae-Chan which I really appreciate. And, her confidence shows when she teases him about him falling for her too. So far, Suzy has impressed me as Hong-Joo, so I’m really looking forward to how her character develops.

2. The Mother-Daughter Relationships

I absolutely love when the kid and parent(s) are more like best friends because it reminds me of my mom and me. There are two mom-daughter more like best friends relationships we’ve seen so far in this drama

First, is Nam Hong-Joo and Yoon Moon-Sun (played by Hwang Young-Hee). Moon-Sun owns her own restaurant and is constantly trying to help Hong-Joo decipher and solve her dreams. Hong-Joo will do anything for her mom, as shown in the beginning episodes when she dreamed her mom was going to die due to Hong-Joo’s mistake. I hope nothing comes between these two throughout the show because it’s refreshing to see such a happy family relationship.

The second are two characters whom Hong-Joo and Moon-Sun cross paths with. Kim So-Hyun plays the pianist daughter, Park So-Yoon, and Jang So-Yeon plays Do Geum-Sook. Their home life isn’t as great due to Do Geum-Sook’s abusive husband, but Park So-Yoon is willing to give up everything for them to be free of her dad. She almost ends her career as a pianist by hurting herself, so that her mom won’t have to depend on her dad to provide the money for lessons. So-Yoon and So-Yeon mirror Hong-Joo’s and Moon-Sun’s relationship, and it’s really adorable.

3. Lee Jong-Suk as Jung Jae-Chan

If you’ve read any of my posts before, you know I’m slightly biased towards Lee Jong-Suk. The man can act. In “While You Were Sleeping”, his character comes off as slightly air-headed/childish, but has his moments where proves he really is a smart cookie. His true personality hasn’t been revealed yet, but that’s part of his appeal. He’s constantly embarrassing himself around his co-workers and provides some cute and laughable charm for the viewers. I haven’t seen Lee Jong-Suk in a role quite like Jae-Chan, and that makes this show even more of a “Must Watch”.

4. Police Officer Han Woo-Tak

I didn’t think much of this character at first, but he’s progressing into one of the main characters. And, I couldn’t be happier. His relationship with Hong-Joo is the cutest. They both turn into little kids again around each other giggling and messing with Jae-Chan.

5. The Infuriating Lawyer Lee Yoo-Beom

Every K-Drama has that evil secondary character whom has to constantly mess everything up. For this drama, it’s none other than Lee-Yoo-Beom. If there’s one reason to not watch this show, it’s to save yourself from the anger you’ll have whenever Yoo-Beom is on the screen. He has no sense of being responsible for his actions and tries to push blame onto anyone else around him (unfortunately, he usually succeeds with this). However, without his character the show would obviously be lacking. Still doesn’t make me forgive him for the way he treated Hong-Joo on Valentine’s Day!


Clearly, I don’t have any reasons to not watch this drama. It has a very promising start in my opinion with a great cast that will all do well portraying these characters. Do yourself a favor, and start watching even for no other reason than Lee Jong-Suk’s selfie-loving character.

What are your opinions on “While You Were Sleeping” so far? Let me know in the comments down below!


  1. Tiffy

    October 10, 2017 at 7:42 am

    Yessss I’m definitely going to keep watching! Love the character relationships ❤️

    1. kimchikorner

      October 10, 2017 at 3:54 pm

      Me too!! I can’t wait to find out more about Woo-Tak’s backstory and how exactly he’s connected to Hong-Joo and Jae-Chan.

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