On My Radar: Upcoming October Korean Dramas

1. Witch’s Court 마녀의 법정 – October 9th on KBS2

Jung Ryeo-Won stars in this drama as a prosecutor, Ma Yi-Deum, who has a tendency to go to extreme measures to win her cases. One day, she gets transferred to a new department that handles crimes against women and children. Here is where she meets Yeo Jin-Wook (played by Yoon Hyun-Min), a new prosecutor in the department.Witch's court Drama

I’m still not sure if I’ll be watching this drama yet, but it made the list because of Jung Ryeo-Won. She’s a really talented actress, and seeing her portray a very strong leading female can’t go wrong.

2. Go Back Couple 고백부부 – October 13th on KBS2

Son Ho-Jun and Jang Na-Ra star in “Go Back Couple” as a married couple who went from loving to hating each other throughout the years. Son Ho-Jun is the lead male playing 38-year-old Choi Ban-do who works to provide for the couple, and Jang Na-Ra is Ma Jin-Joo, the insecure housewife. The regretful couple are thrown 18 years back in time to when they were 20-year-old college students.

Typically, I’m a bit skeptical and picky when it comes to time travel dramas. But, this one made the list simply because it sounds like a basic tale of falling in love with each other all over again. It’s the time of year where I just want a really sweet and simple falling in love story and this may be it. Granted, nothing is guaranteed in Korean drama land, so I’m sure there will be a way they break my soul.

3. Because This Is My First Life 이번 생은 처음이라 – October 9th on tvN

Nam Se-Hee (played by Lee Min-Ki) is a man who lives a single life trying to pay off his mortgage on his home, where as Yoon Ji-Ho (played by Jung So-Min) wishes to own her own home but does not have the financial ability to do so. Both have given up on dating/marriage for their own personal reasons, but decide to start living together as housemates.

Oh, the old housemate drama trope. I, for some reason, can never turn down a drama where two people randomly become housemates. Possibly because I love when the main characters go from bantering/hating each other to falling in love. Now I know that may not happen in this drama, but I’m about 98% sure it will (this isn’t my first K-drama lol). Anyways, I’m there for this one.

4. Revolutionary love 변혁의 사랑 – October 14th on tvN

Choi Siwon plays chaebol Byun Hyuk who starts to live in a poor neighborhood hiding his family/wealthy background. He ends up getting a job where he meets Baek Joon. Kang So-Ra portrays Baek Joon, a woman who works multiple part-time jobs trying to make ends meet due to her lack of finding a job even after graduating from university.Choi Siwon Kang So Ra

Choi. Siwon. Need I say more?? I have waited way too long for his return to the drama scene. I absolutely loved him as the second male lead in “She Was Pretty”, and desperately wanted him in a leading role. His comedy skills are on point too! It’s not often that I love both the male and female leads in a drama. However, “Revolutionary Love” did just that with this casting. Choi Siwon and Kang So-Ra look adorable in the teasers released so far making this one of my most anticipated dramas this Fall.

5. The Package 더 패키지 – October 13th on JTBC

“The Package” follows a tour group around France. Each traveler has a unique background and story, and while traveling together, they grow relationships with each other. The two leads in this story are the tour guide and a newly single traveler. Lee Yeon-Hee plays tour guide Yoon So-So, while Jung Yong-Hwa plays the single traveler, San Ma-Roo, that was recently dumped by his girlfriend.

Tour Guide The Package

The beauty alone of the scenery for “The Package” is enough reason for me to at least watch a couple of episodes. Plus, there’s Jung Yong-Hwa. I love him in dramas, and I don’t think this one will be any different. I like how there are going to be such diverse background for each character, and new relationships built. It’s only a 12 episode drama, so I will definitely be watching.

What October dramas will you be checking out?

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