“Love Yourself: Her” – BTS (방탄소년단) Album Review

“Love Yourself: Her” has been playing on loop for the past week. No matter if I’m at home, driving around town, or at the gym, you can bet that BTS’s new album is playing. One of the many reasons that I love and respect BTS’s music is that you can always count on it being different from any other K-pop artist out there. Each song is so individualized and stands apart even from their own previous music. Not to mention, they’re not afraid to talk/sing/rap about many topics that other artists wouldn’t ever consider.

Listen to and read about the album below!

1. Intro: Serendipity

“Serendipity” is a solo intro song by Jimin, and it’s easily in my top 3 on this album. This is a softer pop song that really shows off Jimin’s impressive vocal range and talent. Everything about this song I love, and wish that it was a full length song. The light and airy video release to match was absolutely perfect for this song too.

2. DNA

“DNA” is the main title track they’re promoting on the music shows right now, and it’s a total hit all around. This is a different sound from them than I’ve heard before, and it just goes to prove they can do just about anything. As per usual, each member’s visual were on point too (especially JungKook and Suga).

Let’s talk about the choreography for a minute. They had stated in a previous interview that this was the hardest dance yet, and I can believe it. It’s filled with fast paced foot movements throughout (that ending dance break is amazing!). And, the DNA chain they make is super awesome! I’m trying to learn the choreography now, but it’s taking much longer than usual! Check out one of their comeback stages performing “DNA” below:

3. Best Of Me

Within the first 10 seconds of this song, I knew it had to be The Chainsmokers produced track. It has their distinct EDM sound, but more elevated with the addition of BTS’s vocals. “Best of Me” is a great party night song that makes you (or at least me) want to dance and jump around during the chorus. Not the best song on the album, but definitely a hit for me.

4. Dimple 보조개

“Dimple” is one of my favorites on the album. It’s a song for the main vocalists in the group (JungKook, Jimin, V, Jin), and they all sound amazing. I’ve noticed Jin is getting more lines on this album which I’m really happy about. The lyrics are more on the romantic side, but still has a medium up-tempo beat.

5. Pied Piper

Honestly, this was the one song on the album I’m just indifferent towards. I didn’t dislike it, but I’m not pressing the replay button either. There’s been speculation that it’s BTS’s way of trolling ARMY (their fan club). I actually do like the lyrics, but something about the music I just couldn’t really get into.

6. Billboard Music Awards Speech

They broke Justin Bieber’s win streak and Jin became “Worldwide Handsome/3rd one from the left”. ‘Nough said.

7. Mic Drop

One Word: SWAG. I can’t get over the awesome-ness that is “Mic Drop”. You have J-Hope, Suga, and Rap Monster showing their killer rap skills in true BTS-fashion. The dancing is just as hard-hitting and swag filled as the lyrics. JungKook is even getting a little bit of rapping in (of course he can do that too). If you ever need a pump up song, this is it. I can’t get enough of the comeback show performance. Do yourself a favor and watch it now:

8. Go Go 고민보다

“Go Go” is one of those songs that just gets stuck in your head no matter what. There isn’t any fluffy lyrics or crazy rap verses, but it’s definitely a hit and a favorite of mine. It gets a little repetitive towards the end, but I don’t mind it too much especially when they’re performing the song (they have a small dance break). It doesn’t sound like any other song out there right now (or any others I can think of) with the different instruments. I love the more “goofy” dance choreo that goes with it as well! They get to show off the more chill/goofy side and it’s a super fun dance to watch (and do yourself!)

9. Outro: Her

Solid outro song for the album. A little less in-your-face of a song, but that’s just what I needed to round out this album. Also, according to Rap Monster, he wrote the verse for this song in 20 minutes. Like, what?? So impressive and talented.


I know there are two extra songs that are only available on the CD version, but Amazon delayed the shipping, so I won’t be listening to those until next week (hopefully!).

All in all, BTS did it again. I didn’t think it was possible, but they manage to just get better and more talented. (Oh, and in case you were wondering, JungKook is still my favorite LOL).  Another great release and comeback, and I hope all of their success with “Love Yourself: Her” means a long tour in the United States soon!

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