“Temperature of Love” – Episodes 1 – 4, To Watch or Not?

First impressions of the new SBS drama “Temperature of Love”

Prior to “Temperature of Love” premiering, my feelings about this drama were really wishy-washy regarding the main couple and plot. However, after watching the first four episodes I can safely say I will be sticking around for this one.

1. Lee Hyun-Soo

I originally saw Seo Hyun-Jin in “Another Miss Oh”, and while I did enjoy her character, I felt like many times she “over-acted”. However, in this drama, she seems a perfect fit.

I love her so far. Right from the beginning, Lee Hyun-Soo shows her feisty-ness in her opening scene by telling off a director for not following her written script. It shows just how much pride she takes in her work and she isn’t going to let anyone walk all over her.

Temperature of Love - Seo Hyun Jin

When we flash back 5 years, we see that she isn’t exactly happy with her career situation, but yet, somehow manages to keep up a good attitude. Her interactions with On Jung-Sun were somewhat awkward in the first episode to me, but by the end of episode 4, I was already rooting for them (which I was not expecting). Lee Hyun-Soo is a fun character (I mean just look at her dance moves LOL) I would love to have as a friend in reality, and I’m excited to see how her character grows over time.

Temperature of Love - Seo Hyun Jin

2. On Jung-Sun

I really didn’t know much about Yang Se-Jong who plays On Jung-Sun before watching the show. I was a little nervous because I wasn’t sure how this character was going to be portrayed. But, after the first episode, I was sold. He portrays On Jung-Sun as much more mature than his age. The character has gone through some tough time that we haven’t exactly learned about yet, but can tell a small amount from the reappearance of his mom.

Temperature of Love

On Jung-Sun is really direct with his feelings toward Lee Hyun-Soo and I find that refreshing for a K-drama. You typically have to wait until halfway through a show for the main characters to confess to each other. The man kissed the girl already in episode 4 (I think that’s a record, at least for the dramas I’ve seen).

Temperature of Love - Yang Se Jong

It’s set up that he will be returning to France soon, so I’m very anxious to see how their relationship plays out in the next few episodes.

3. Ji Hong-Ah

Ji Hong-Ah is played by Jo Bo-Ah (whom I’ve also never seen in a drama). In the first couple of episodes, I did like her character for the most part. You can tell she’s the opposite of Hyun-Soo in the sense that she comes from a wealthy background and is handed many opportunities. I really thought Hong-Ah genuinely cared about Hyun-Soo until the 3rd or 4th episode when she starts showing that she may look down upon Hyun-Soo a bit. Also, the previews for the next episode show that she may not be all that nice. It looks Hong-Ah is wanting to bet Hyun-Soo that she can make Jung-Sun fall for her (being Hong-Ah). So, now I’m not a fan.

4. Park Jung-Woo

KIM JAE-WOOK. One of the first K-dramas I ever watched was Coffee Prince, and I have missed him in dramas! There are so many questions I want answered about his character, Park Jung-Woo. He’s still very mysterious, and all we know about him really is that he is starting a new production company. Fortunately, it looks like next week’s episodes will give a little more detail about what type of person he is. Can’t wait!

Temperature of Love - Kim Jae wook

5. Main Couple: Lee Hyun-Soo and On Jung-Sun

First, let me say that my biggest concern going into this drama was the age difference of the main male and female characters. From all of the promotional advertisements preceding the premiere, I was afraid they’d come off as an immature boy/mature woman couple. However, my opinion changed pretty quickly.

We instantly see On Jung-Sun’s maturity (even at such a young age in the flashback). The way he handles situations, life, his career, and relationship with Lee Hyun-Soo gives me so much hope for this drama. Also, I love Hyun-Soo’s and Jung-Sun’s bantering. It’s sweet and endearing, and her character is one that needs a man who can keep up with her quick wit.

Temperature of Love - Hyun Soo Jung Sun


Clearly, I will be watching episodes 5 through 8 that will air next Monday and Tuesday on SBS! I believe this drama has a lot of promise, and I have to know more about the lead’s back story and how it translates to present day. And, I absolutely need to more of character Park Jung-Woo!

Is “Temperature of Love” a Watch or Not for you? Let me know in the comments!


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