New “While You Were Sleeping” Character Posters!

Check out the character posters below featuring Lee Jong-Suk and Suzy:

September 27th can’t get here quick enough! “While You Were Sleeping” is one of my most anticipated dramas this year, and the two new character posters released are not helping my impatience.

First, is Lee Jong-Suk’s poster below which reads, “No one will believe it…the future I changed.” He plays the character of Jung Jae-Chan who works as a prosecutor trying to prevent the female lead’s nightmares from coming true.

Next, Suzy plays the role of Nam Hong-Joo who’s nightmares give her a glimpse of what terrible events the future will hold. As shown below, her character poster reveals, “There’s no one else but you…” Foreshadowing a sweet yet drama-filled romance?

Also, promotional posters for 3 supporting character were released. We get to see actor Lee Sang-Yeob portraying prosecutor Lee Yoo-Beom:

Then, we have Ko Sung-Hee as Shin Hee-Min who is also another prosecutor.

Finally, Jung Hae-In’s character, Han Woo-Tak, has his own poster revealed as well. This is one character I’m really looking forward to learning more about in the drama.

I’m really loving the dream-like theme on all of the promotional posters especially since I’m expecting some darker elements to this drama. The beautiful posters along with the main drama poster of the two leads in the snow make me wish I could be in their world.

Ultimately, I’m excited to see Lee Jong-Suk return to the drama scene. He portrays the handsome and perfect lead roles extremely well! While I’ve never watched Suzy in a drama, I think they are going to be a great on-screen couple. The behind-the-scenes photo reveal a great off-screen friendship which typically translates to on-screen really well. Check out “While You Were Sleeping” premiering on September 27th on SBS!

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