“Love and Fall” by Bobby – Full Length Solo Album Review

When YG Entertainment announced a few weeks ago that Bobby (iKON member) was going to be releasing a solo album, “Love and Fall”, I was super excited. It wasn’t going to be just a mini-album, but a full-length album with 10 brand new songs! Bobby has a different rap style than many rappers right now, and I needed some new hip-hop/rap music on my playlist. There were some definite stand outs on “Love and Fall”. So, give a listen to the album below:

“I Love You” / 사랑해

The album starts off with an easy-going, summery track. Plus, the video released for this song is so pretty and fun too! I’m not sure where the filming locations were but it works so well for this song. He makes me wish I was hanging at the beach with him. Also, can we talk about his new hairstyle/hair color?? I’m loving it…he looks great!! This is a song I’d be blaring while getting ready for a beach day with my friends.


This is easily one of my favorites on the album, possibly one of my favorite songs released from YG Entertainment this year (can’t forget G-Dragon’s “Untitled, 2014”). I, personally, really relate to the lyrics of this song. It’s all about becoming an adult, trying not to show you’re worries to family, wanting to chase your dreams, and needing to escape from the reality of the real world. However, that’s just my interpretation. Also, he released a video for this title track, and it takes on a little more of a darker, yet, visually striking concept.

“Alien”/ 다른 세상 사람   and   “Tendae”/ 텐데

Both of these were good and catchy songs. They were laid-back, up-tempo songs that are great for a road trip (or just on your drive to work).

“Up” featuring MINO

Now, this is the hard-hitting rap song on the album, and I love it.! The addition of Mino is perfect. There isn’t any crazy techno/music additions. The music is kept to a single, clean beat to allow Bobby’s and Mino’s raw and strong raps shine. This song is getting put on repeat at the gym…cardio gonna be on fire this week!

“Secret” featuring DK and Katie

So, I had actually never heard anything from Katie before, but I really love her vocals in this song. Honestly, I don’t think I would’ve really cared for this song without the additions of DK and Katie. They gave this song that little extra somethin’ and all 3 of their voices sound great together!

“In Love”

This is my other favorite song on the album. It’s a real stand out and just as good as “Runaway”. It’s more of a smooth/R&B ballad, and I wasn’t expecting something of this style from Bobby. He really shows off his singing and vocals, and he blew me away! The lyrics are so sweet too. He’s making all the girl’s hearts (including mine) swoon with this song. I really hope he starts singing more in iKON’s music or releasing more songs like this.

“Swim”/ 수영해,   “Firework”,   “Lean On Me”/ 내게 기대

Of these three songs, “Firework” was the one that stood out to me. It just makes me happy listening to it. While “Swim” and “Lean on Me” were perfectly decent songs that show Bobby’s rapping skills, they just didn’t do much for me. However, they still made my playlist because I’m in love with this album.

YG Entertainment’s artists have been killing the solo album scene this year (shout out to Taeyang and G-Dragon), and Bobby’s “Love and Fall” is no different. If anything, listen to “Runaway” and “In Love”. I promise you will not be disappointed! Here’s to hoping for more Bobby and iKON releases soon.

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