UNMIX – MXM (BrandNew Boys) Mini-Album Review

The duo MXM (BrandNew Boys) released their first mini album “UNMIX” about a week ago, and I love it so much more than I originally thought I would. The duo consists of Im Young-Min and Kim Dong-Hyun who competed in the show Produce 101. The show never really appealed to me, so I didn’t know the background or music styles of anyone on the show (including Wanna One). However, each track on the album provided something different that I really enjoyed and stood out among the other recent releases from other artists. Also, look at that album cover….love the aesthetics!

“Good Day”

“Good Day”  (released back on July 27th as part of a two-track promo release) is a great opener to the album along with a first look at MXM. This song makes me picture being on a first date while driving down the highway with the windows rolled down. It’s a simple but really cute and catchy song.

“I’m The One”

This was their title track and are currently promoting it on all the music shows. It was a great title track choice, and one of my favorites on this album. I love the happy and care-free vibe of the chorus and the rap verses are really strong. The techno-y break of the chorus was just what this song needed to put it over the top for me.

“Being Objective”

I really love Dong-Hyun’s smooth vocals in “Being Objective”. The music itself is a really simple and repetitive beat, but the vocals make this song so much more in my opinion.

“Just Come Out”

“Just Come Out” is a more R&B track and was by far my favorite song on the album. Dong-Hyun and Young-Min are both great on this track, and I hope they do more songs like this in the future. I feel like it would set them apart a bit and gain even more popularity. But, that could just be my love of R&B talking.

“Save the Rest”

This one was just okay to me. I kept waiting for the “big break” in the song, but the chorus lacked a little somethin’ somethin’ for me.

“I Just Do”

MXM released “I Just Do” as the second song to go along with “Good Day”. This is such a sweet and light-hearted song and perfect for summer.

Overall, this was a great first mini-album from MXM, and I can’t wait to see what they come out with next. Hopefully, some more R&B/Hip-Hop songs!

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