On My Radar: Upcoming September K-Dramas

There are many talked about dramas premiering soon (Yay for fall romance dramas!). But these are the September 2017 Korean dramas that have really caught my eye.

  1. While You Were Sleeping

Starring Bae Suzy as Nam Hong-Joo and Lee Jong-Suk as Jung Jae-Chan, it has the potential to be a Fall favorite. A woman who can see the future through her dreams combined with a prosecutor whom is trying to stop the dreams from becoming reality does sound like a classic Korean drama plot line. However, the casting in this SBS drama is what makes it so appealing. I will watch any drama that stars Lee Jong-Suk especially after his performance in “W-Two Worlds.”

2. Temperature of Love

The trailer for this one really intrigued me. “Temperature of Love” is the story of an aspiring writer played by Seo Hyun-Jin meeting a chef played by Yan Se-Jong after only communicating with each other online. I really enjoyed Seo Hyun-Jin’s acting in “Another Miss Oh”, so I’m excited to see her character portrayal for this drama.


3. 20th Century Boy and Girl

Another MBC drama for September. Han Ye-Seul, Kim Ji-Suk, Lee Sang-Woo, and Ryu Hyun-Kyung star in this drama about three friends going through life and romance. I’m excited for this one because the main plot is surrounding the friendship between three women, but I still get my dose of romance thrown in.

Bonus:  Hospital Ship

This MBC drama starts on August 30th, so I’m considering it a bonus for September. “Hospital Ship” is about a group of doctors that live/travel on a ship to remote islands providing medical services. The two main characters, Song Eun-Jae and Kwak Hyun, are portrayed by Ha Ji-Won and Kang Min-Hyuk, respectively. I’m usually skeptical of hospital/medical dramas. However, with the main setting being on a ship, I think this drama will stand out from the rest.

Which September 2017 Korean dramas are you most excited for?


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