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Hey there, Stephanie here! Welcome to The Kimchi Korner! For many years, I’ve watched Korean dramas and listened to K-pop and recently got into the ever so popular beauty and skin care scene (let me tell you…it’s worth the hype). So, I’ve finally decided to create a blog and community for reviews, discussions, random ramblings, etc. for said topics. You may be wondering how I got interested in Korean culture and entertainment, so a little background:
One day in high school, my friend (who is from Korea) made me watch an episode of a very popular Korean drama called “Boys over Flowers.” Yes, she forced me to watch it lol. By the end of the first episode, I was hooked. Soon after, I discovered the Wonder Girls and BigBang (still my all time favorite group along with BTS) and have been listening ever since.  About a year ago, I started learning more about the Korean beauty/skin care trend, and fell in love (my skin has never been better!). I have yet to visit South Korea, but hope to do so next year! I’m still learning Korean and have a ways to go, but I’ll get there! Through this blog, I hope to bring more interest in Korean culture and entertainment and build an awesome community of people who love all things Korea too!
Enough talking (or typing rather) from me. Here are some pictures when I was lucky enough to meet the Wonder Girls (twice!) and 2PM!
I’m the one on the left in the gray (ugh high school years). They were all so sweet!
Super awesome guys (Taecyeon is just as perfect as you’d think lol)
I hope you all enjoy my content and feel free to reach out with anything you want to talk or read about. Later!

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